Care instructions

Soeur - How to take care of your SŒUR items? Our advice to help you maintain your pieces for longevity.

How to take care of your SŒUR items?
Our advice to help you maintain your pieces for longevity.


Our garments are made from high-quality fibers which require particular care.

Soeur - How to take care of Knitwear?

Please read the the care label for cleaning instructions.


Hand washing is recommended to maintain your knitwear.

  • Wash with cold water (knitwear likes water but not heat),
  • Use a special wool liquid detergent, washing powder may leave marks,
  • Avoid softener, it damages your sweater's fibers
  • Do not soak your sweater for prolonged periods washing by hand to avoid felting,
  • Rinse with clean water and without wringing the knitwear,
  • Roll up the sweater in a bath towel to remove water excess before letting it dry flat

It is possible to wash your sweater in a washing machine if it's indicated on the care label.

In that case:

  • Wash inside out to avoid snags,
  • Use a washing bag if it's possible
  • Use a cold washing program – wool program if you have one,
  • The spin must not exceed 400 revolutions per minute,
  • We recommend that you always use a small amount of wool liquid detergent. Avoid softener


Lay your sweater out flat to dry, away from sunlight and heat sources to preserve its color and shape.
We recommend you to avoid hangers which might stretch fibres and deform your sweater.
Some sweaters may require dry-cleaning, please refer to the care label.


Keep in mind that high-quality wool is a material which naturally releases a fabric excess which creates pills around friction areas.
For fine knit like cashmere or merino wool, we recommend you to use a cashmere comb. Lay your sweater flat and comb carefully with light pressure. For chunky knits, an electric pill removers may be used.


Silk is a noble and delicate material which lasts for a very long time when well maintained.

Soeur - How to take care of Silk?


We recommend you to wash your silk garments by hand rather than using a washing machine

  • Wash silk with cold water
  • Do not soak more than a few minutes,
  • Be careful not to rub or crease during washing, silk is fragile and it might leave marks,
  • We advise you to use a delicate liquid silk detergent.


We recommend you to air dry your clothes on a hanger, avoid sunlight. You may dry your silk garments with a bath towel to remove excess water. To preserve fibers, do not wrink. Dry cleaning is recommended on some garments, please refer to the care label.


We recommend that you turn your garments inside out and use a damp cloth between the iron and silk garment for optimum results. The iron must be on the silk setting if it has one, otherwise set the temperature to the lowest level in order to preserve the silk fibers. A steamer may also be used on silk.


Leather is a natural material which requires great care. Every day wear and tear will leave marks on leather - your bag will acquire a patina that will give it a unique vintage look. You should protect your leather items from water, sunlight and intense heat.

Soeur - How to take care of leather goods?

In order to maintain and nurture your bags and small leather goods:

  • We recommend that you protect your garment from humidity and heat
  • In case of contact with water, do not wipe the leather, but rather dab it with a colourless cloth to absorb the liquid,
  • Depending on the leather type, we recommend using a cream to care for your bag. Saphir cream is sold online and in our stores and is particularly efficient. Any oiled leather cream made to condition and protect leather will also do.
  • White or light leather assessors stain easily and are difficult to clean.
  • Avoid shocks on the metallic parts in order to preserve the finish,
  • To preserve its shape, do not overload your bag,

We also recommend that you store your bag in its dust bag when not in use.
Beware of color transfers

Your clothes might rub off onto leather, and vice versa. Avoid contacts with coats and raw textile which might color off like dark jeans for instance. The coloured pigments may damage your bag permanently.


All our shoes are crafted from quality leather soles. To protect them, we recommend adding rubber soles to maintain the longevity of your footwear.

Soeur - How to take care of shoes?

Consider waterproofing for suede shoes. Use a soft brush and an eraser to remove stains.
For leather shoes with a python or croco treatment, we recommend you to use a cream. (SAPHIR cream is available in-stores and online.)

Let wet leather shoes dry several days before putting them away. Keep in mind that shoes have to breathe, therefore we advise you not to wear your shoes more than two or three consecutive days to maintain their longevity.
Finally, when you are not wearing your shoes, keep them away in a dustbag. You can use tissue paper in order to maintain their original shape.
We remain at your disposal to answer any questions you might have concerning our care instructions.